Chromium steel – also called chrome steel – is an alloy of iron with a chromium content of 12% or higher and a carbon content of less than 0.50%. From a chrome content of 12%, the chrome steel is corrosion resistant; with a higher chrome content, chrome steel even becomes heat resistant. A consequence of this is that chrome steel is well suited for resisting acids and corrosive substances. The good thing is that chrome steel is 100% recyclable.

Chrome steel can be found in a number of products, both for in and around the house and machine parts. For example, you can find chrome steel in household knives, scissors and gears that you may still have in your garage. Do you still have some chrome steel at home? Then hand it in at Metaalrecycling C. Kooijman B.V.! This way you are working in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way and you receive a compensation for getting rid of your waste too.

Do you want to sell your chrome steel? Contact Metaalrecycling C. Kooijman B.V. for the current prices! We are interested in purchasing your old chrome steel. Prices for chrome steel can change daily and are determined by supply and demand. According to the London Metal Exchange rates, you will always receive a fair compensation for your scrap metals.

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