Today, the lead battery is the most commonly used type of battery in cars. Almost every car today has lead batteries. They are used, for example, to drive forklift trucks. The recycling of lead batteries is now routine, especially because the lead can very well be reused for new batteries. It is worthwhile to collect your old lead batteries and take them to Metaalrecycling C. Kooijman B.V., where you will get a compensation for your waste!

The lead price has risen in recent years, mainly due to the higher demand from electric cars. After all, they run on rechargeable batteries. In recent years, we have surprised many garages, scrap yards and private individuals with our attractive prices for lead batteries. You can return the batteries and you will receive a compensation for it. The compensation you can get for your lead batteries can change daily and are established in a market of supply and demand. This ensures that the price you receive for your metal waste is fair.

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