Brass is a yellow type of copper and is often used for sanitary purposes and plumbing. If you have old brass at home or old sanitary ware, then please consider handing it in so it can be recycled and used for a new purpose. If you hand in your brass to Metaalrecycling C. Kooijman B.V., you will help the environment and you will also receive compensation for it!

If you decide to turn in your old brass to Metaalrecycling C. Kooijman B.V., we will ensure that it is recycled and given a new purpose. This way, you help the environment and you also receive compensation for your waste. For a specific price indication, please contact us or fill in the form. Then we will give you a price based on the London Metal Exchange price.

Do you have trouble getting the brass to us, perhaps because it is a large amount? Then we will collect it from you without any problem. With our crane, we can easily load and take the materials with us. If you have a large amount of brass, we will even pick it up for free. We can also place a container wherever in South Holland, in which you can store your scrap metal until we come collect it again.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information about our brass purchasing service? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Call +31 (0) 10 485 3135 or email If you fill in our contact form, we will contact you as soon as possible.