Zinc is a blue-white metal and is the fourth most used metal in the world after steel, aluminum and cord. Zinc has been used for millennia to alloy with tin to bronze. Well-known uses of zinc are gutters, batteries, roof coverings, downspouts and coin metal. Chances are you have something in and around the house that contains zinc. If you don’t do anything with it, it is useful to sell it to us. Metaalrecycling C. Kooijman B.V. knows what to do with it! If you want to dispose of large quantities, it is also possible to place a container. We will come and collect this as soon as it is filled.

Zinc has a melting point of 419 degrees Celsius and a boiling point of 907 degrees Celsius and is therefore easy to recycle. Whether it concerns old zinc gutters or hard zinc, you can offer all types to us. Prices for scrap iron and scrap metal can change daily and are established in a market of supply and demand. This ensures that the price you receive for your metal waste can vary from day to day, according to the London Metal Exchange prices.

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